Kiko Fall Collection

Hi you guys!

It is officially autumn my favourite make up season!!!

Talking of which, I went shopping earlier today and completely fell in love with Kiko’s new Rebel Romantic collection, it’s their fall/autumn collection with lots of beautiful mauves and purples. As you can tell I have a weakness for those colours and Kiko got it nicely right with their shades.

I’m really liking them at the moment they’ve got good quality products with some great prices and this collection just conveys all my favourite colours, so what’s not to like?! I’ve done a review video so please see it below!


Let me know what you think and you’re favourite products from Kiko I can’t wait to get some more of the good stuff!

Finished Look

Love, Nat x

Edit: I’m taking my rating for their lipstick down to a 2.5/5 because although they have a great colour they really don’t last as much as they ought to.


My Lovely Oxford Trip

Hi you guys! Today’s post is a bit of a short one on my recent visit to Oxford – my boyfriend has family there so we went up and took the opportunity to get to know the town a bit better. 

My first Oxford experience did not disappoint, from beautiful architecture to great food if had it all. 

Our trip took us through a beautiful round mini park in a cull-de-sac and out onto a few beautiful buildings where we of course came across a couple of these bikes with people also riding them into town it was like being in a rom com and finished in a beautiful market with great food and when acquisition of my second Jane Austin book – Mainsfield Park. Oh and the stool was manned by the cutest dog too! Bonus!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think! 


Nat x


Summer Hair Colours – Purple or Balayage highlights?

It’s that time of the year when you want to dye your hair for the summer. My mum was always quite conservative about our hairs so I’m a bit of a late comer onto the crazy hair colours game. Last year I did a couple of natural highlights inspired by Mila Kunis but this year I was thinking a bit bolder….

I’ve narrowed it down to either purple or ‘sunkissed’ balayage highlights.

I haven’t found anything that let’s me try my hair with the highlights yet, so here are the sun kissed shades I’ve been looking at – (please try to ignore the gorgeous face of the model and focus on the hair :p ).

Left sunkissed highlight hair from Pinterest. Right Sunkissed Brunette Hair.

And these two great apps Hair Color Booth and Instant Hair Color which are free from the app store – have taken care of the purple!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 22.14.44

Let me know what you think!

Nat x

Shopping Break – Day 1: Excuses and Exceptions Tips for Getting Through the No Spend Ban

After having to do some shopping for the house yesterday and remembering that it is mother’s day on Sunday and there are two other family birthdays coming up, my no spending resolution was beginning to waiver.

Then I caught myself looking at the KiKo website! Naughty!

I actually went to leave a complaint (which will be this week’s makeup post – I shopped last week before the ban…), not only did they not have a form I could leave a complaint at, I found myself looking at their makeup section which had nothing to do with what I was supposed to do.

This got me thinking about the practicalities of this challenge/experiment. I have family 2 birthdays a mother’s day and my anniversary this month.

This means that practically speaking there have to be certain exceptions to the spending rule. On the other hand, part of the ban is not to take the piss by over using excuses.

So, if you’re going through a shopping ban or simply trying to save it’s worth considering the following:

– Check your dates in advance – If you go for a meal check which day of the week it is and plan the restaurant accordingly. Most places have promotions on a daily basis, from half prices to bogofs.

– Know that there will be ‘exceptions’ – I cannot control family member’s birthdays but I can control my actions by planning ahead, creating a budget and sticking to it.

– Say no to ‘excuses’. I have already come up with 1001 things I feel are ‘needs’. Be strong. Write them down if you have to then cross off the ones that really aren’t.

– Deliver your reward when you do well. Overbanning yourself can and most likely will have a reverse effect when you spend. It’s ok to have that cup of coffee once in a while, just don’t turn it into an everyday excuse!

So far so good with the budget spending on my side! I would love to know what you do when you have to save up, please share it on the comments below.

Nat x

How to Stop Spending – Shopping Break Day 0

I admit… I’m a bit of a shopaholic… Whenever I get paid I end up spending my hard earned money on crap until there’s little to nothing left at the end of the month.

This is specially true if I’m extremely frustrated, which lets face it happens often…

But, being a somewhat sensible person (I think), I’ve realised that I really do need to save up! So, I am putting myself through an experiment.

For a month, from Monday to Friday there will be no spending. Followed by a small allowance on the weekend – maybe £20 (still setting clear goals)..?

As a commitment device to myself, I’ve decided that if I do spend during the week not only do I not get the weekend allowance, I won’t be able to watch TV until the following weekend (my other addiction is watching crime and medical series so I think this might work).

Taking the ‘one day at a time’ mantra from the AA let’s see how this will go, I’ll post how I get on as the week goes by and I have to make due with whatever we have in the house (cue nervous smile!).

See you tomorrow!

Nat x

Finding a Balance and Getting Back on the Horse

When I finished university last year, I swore I was done with studying for a long time.

Differently from most of my friends I stayed at home, got a part time job as a b2b reporter and saved so that my partner and I could finally move on – and out – by the time I was finished.

After all that hard work, I was eager to work and move away from home into our own house. So through my third year and after university we worked hard and saved up.

I took up bollyrobics (a mix of aerobics and Bollywood dancing), met some wonderful ladies, bought all the make-up I wanted and we travelled a little bit – it was a fun time I felt like sharing and All Things Personal was born.

But then it was time to buckle up, those lawyers fees stacked up and then we moved and I decided to go back to school and get another certificate…

Four months into the year I’m not only working full time but am also back in education!

We bought kittens, and started painting and changing all that needed, needless to say that we had to cut out certain luxuries (like the gym, the dance class, the hairdressers, my monthly make-up shopping 😦 etc..) so needless to say, although the decorating was exciting I felt since the rest of life stopped I had nothing to blog about! How depressing!!

But as things are settling down, I think it’s time to throw blogging into the mix once again! I’ve been scouring the internet and making my list of things I want to try next month (and the month after that), and so far its looking good.

My partner and I are taking photography again (now that the days are nice), I’m meeting up with an old friend in London (will take pictures of anything interesting and share), and want to do the office/spare bedroom, (images coming soon) which at the moment just a big empty yellow room (I hate yellow)…

I’m learning to cook for two although sometimes I still make so much it takes us three days (I used to cook for six so bear with me…) and my boyfriend and I have taken up kickboxing again (which is actually how we met 5 years ago so it’s quite nice), so will share how/if this carries on tips on how to weave exercise into your life with your partner and why you should because it’s an amazing thing to do together.

That’s all from me today, thanks for reading and see you next time! For now I’ll just leave you with Leo and Toby our lovely baby kitty cats 🙂

Love Nat,




Moving home, exciting sections and videos coming soon!

After three months of long, long wait and delays we have finally moved to our own piece of this world, our very first flat.

However this means that, unfortunately THERE IS NO Internet! I have survived a week somehow and will have to carry on like this until next week with no Internet at not even on our phones as signal is proving really poorly too…

So bear with me on the sporadic posts!! I do have exciting news and when all is done with the addition of some new sections, including the addition of videos, which I’ve been promising for so long.

There is a lot to do on the flat and as we’ll be doing most if not all of it ourselves there will be plenty of things filling out our DIY portion of the site – and once all is done and dusted I can finally start with our cooking section which I’ve been promising for so long but I absolutely did not want to do while having a shared kitchen, but now that we’ve moved I promise that the easy recipes for two section is coming.

The other change I’d like to share is that I’m going to start doing the ‘Nat does Make-up videos’.

I’ve bought some spring make-up which looking forward to sharing MUA has this amazing spring collection from the eye liners to the mosaic blushers and all under £5 which as soon as time – and internet – is on my side I will do.

The story behind this make up section is that I’ve got crap coordination and little-to-none artistic abilities – and my colleagues from 6th form would actually remember I wore little to no make up at all. But while I started the blog at university my colleagues said well that would be an amazing section to do, it’ll be like if you can do it anyone can do it type of videos so I said ok once I have my own place this section will be added to the blog, and true to my word that’s also on the coming soon list.

Back on the DIY – we are starting to paint this weekend and I will post the first stages next week when the Internet permits but until then – we’re stuck with this coming soon sign…

It’s Valentine’s Day! (Nearly)

Its Valentine’s Day tomorrow and as my partner is a bit of a romantic we always do something extra nice and exchange presents.

This means he plans things for weeks and is able to keep it to himself – something that I’m not capable of doing so all my shopping gets done around 2 days before any big date…

This year however, for once I’ve got myself sorted way in advance, (which means he knows what he’s getting but you can’t have everything)…

But, years of last minute present shopping has given me great skills in finding the person you love a great present on a tight schedule. After all such present could be the difference between making your special day/night a success or failure. For this I have three simple rules:

1 – Have a present in mind. That saves a world of time. If you’re like me and know the shops around you this talk can be completed in around 15 minutes. If you don’t – ask your colleagues where a shop that sells that particular item is.

2 – Know the person well. Or at least slightly. You cannot give a bottle of champagne to someone who doesn’t drink any alcohol! Knowing the person’s preferences will not only save you time but ensure they your gift actually appreciated.

3- Keep it simple. Not only do you not have time for complicated, but depending on your partners taste, chivalry, a nice card, roses and a nice dinner will be much better than a pair of diamond earrings you pick up on the way home.

That’s all I have on this, if you have your own system for late present shopping please share it below!

Getting Organised Now! In Search of The Perfect Planner

I was lucky enough to land a nice job after graduation and fast forward a year on I’m lucky enough to get sponsored to do a certificate and go back to school like I wanted to. But add that on top of leading my normal life, work, unhelpful solicitors, puppies and everything else is basically driving me (even more) crazy.

Worst of all, I’ve noticed that some things are slipping through the gaps. I feel like I’m actually 89 when I can’t remember whether I’ve done something and it’s just not helpful to anyone – specially in your day to day work.

So, I’ve decided I need a life attitude change! Starting with a better planner. As well as a daily to do list my ideal planner should have a day per page view (or a two day per page maximum) and be divided into personal and work life. The problem is that I can’t have all that I want and still nicely fit it into my handbag.

So, I’ve settled for this cutie! For less than a fiver it has a day per page view, giving me plenty of space on my schedule, and fits perfectly in all my handbags.

I’ve also researched tips for becoming more organised and a couple of recurring themes appeared:

1- Make lists

But more, do this in a systematic way. Observe how many important things you can comfortably do in a day and limit a list to that many items, but most importantly, once today’s list is full don’t be afraid to pass things on for tomorrow.

2- Use the 2 minute rule

The two minute rule dictates that if something comes in which you can do in two minutes or less just do it. Since you’ll have a limited amount of things you can comfortably do on your list you have time to do the little things that tend to otherwise delay your day.

3- Stop Procrastinating

This is my biggest crime! I am so so terrible at procrastinating and the worst thing is it’s a  very hard habit to crack. Some articles have suggested that you should do bursts of 15 minute sessions where you focus only at the given task and then have a 2 minute break. This is a work in progress for me since 2 minutes seem to turn into 10 a bit too often….

4- Write things Down

And add some details to it so that you can remember it after. A note saying “Karen” does not illustrate what this person wanted, why or even how urgent it is. Short prompts are fine as long as you can pick up exactly what is is at a later date.

5- Use Your Planner Wisely

Use your planner to plan the big things as well as the little ones. If you have important dates written down you can start preparing for it before and not feel cluttered. Use little prompts a week of two before a birthday so you have plenty to time to prepare.

Well, that’s all I got on this subject for now! If I find any more or if any progress is made on these tips I’ll share it here.

Meanwhile do you have this problem? How do you keep yourself organised amidst today’s chaos?

Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love,

Nat x



My All New All Things Personal

All things personal has a new look… and hopefully its the final one!

If you’ve visited the site for the past couple of days, it’s been a bit like a construction site – just messy and incomplete. Sorry about that!

I had been unhappy with the previous look for some time but hadn’t had the time to really concentrate on making the overhaul necessary on the site… So it’s been a long time coming, but I think we’re finally there. This new look has the separate pages and after hours of designing a new banner.

I’ve added the beauty section (might as well do something useful with my make-up addiction), which shall get filled in soon – it’s hard finding my shade in places, so I thought I’d share what I have!

I will also add the food section which I’ve been promising for a while in addition to the sections on DIY and Lifestyle which I already had.

That’s all from me today, I hope you like the new site and if you do (or don’t) let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Nat x