Living Room Reveal – Purple and Grey


Last week ended in a flurry so I missed the update on the not spending post and haven’t even done the ‘reward weekend’ post! Sorry!! But we finished the living room this weekend and I think that’s a much nicer update!

As mentioned above the last two days of that week went pretty much in a flurry, and over the weekend we laid down the new living flooring which means I can finally post the very first room reveal in our new home!!

We bought the flat two months ago, it was empty, we had no furniture and worst all the walls were painted yellow. So, first things first, of course, it all got painted white. Well, aside from the spare bedroom whose first coat of white was done today – but this is for another time.

The living room. I imposed a budget on this one because at some point the sofas we were looking for were white and around a thousand pounds, which for someone who has baby kittens is just stupid. They. Claw. EVERYTHING.

So, aside from the TV we imposed a £500 budget to get it done and here it is:


To those who know me the feature wall colour is no surprise – I love purple! We tried to keep everything else pretty simple, and each room has a different colour feature wall. Last week when we went to buy the screws for my dressing table we saw this lovely floor on sale and the boyfriend spent the whole Saturday putting it on so I thought it was only nice to recognize that here! Although I helped do half of it, he was literally the force behind it all, as I could not slide them into place at all, no matter how hard I tried they would not budge…

We still haven’t decided what curtains to put on as we need one that goes with the grey sofa and purple wall, (if  you see one, please let me know?).

The furniture is from my favourite place IKEA and they had lovely things to put on top of it, but we’ve also had to keep the stuff on top of the furniture to a minimum, as this is what happens when flowers get put on the table:

Leo on the table

Cute you say?! Yes… Right until Leo figures out that the glass moves and paws at it until I either take him off the table of he throws it off it…

Anyway, I hope you like the living room it was done up with love!

Nat x


Alternative DIY Makeup/Vanity Shelf

When we moved home, we gained a whole flat but lost a little in room space. Back at (my other) home I had a DIY dressing table that my boyfriend had built me which I had to leave behind, leaving me with all my makeup and creams and no place to put them at (my new) home.

Being the problem solving guy that he is, my lovely boyfriend spent about two hours with me looking for solutions for our small space, and we went to get it this morning at it looks awesome!

IMG_1092 IMG_1091

It took him a while to convince me to give up on the table (no comment) but after some research as to what we could get in store today we found a pretty good deal at B&Q so now my makeup have a home once again! And through large white hooks, my hair accessories do too.

The shelf is L80cmxD25cm which works perfectly with the space we’ve got and the handy drawer means the narrowness at the top is not a problem. Now, all we need is to find that perfect mirror and chair, but that’s stuff for another post!

Good night!

Nat x

Office Ideas for May!

It’s May one of my favourite times of the year and it’s pay day which has me so excited about finally doing the office this month! I’ve been searching high and low for little things to finally get it how I want.

The trouble is, every room is unique so I’m not quite sure what I want! Just in case though, I’ve pieced together a couple of my favourite offices from Pinterest! Let me know your favourite?

Nat x

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 22.50.52 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 22.51.23 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 22.52.06 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 22.54.11 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 22.54.27 Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 22.55.04

New times, decor pieces and ideas

Dear all,
How have you been? I know I’ve been away for a couple of months, so here’s a quick update on my life since my last post. Since earlier this year I’ve graduated, changed jobs (and industries as a matter of fact), took up a new hobby (more on this later) and am now looking to buy a house with my partner.
So, looking how busy it’s been I hope I’m forgiven for the long absence! I am so excited to be back, looking at houses has reminded me how much I love the prospect of decorating! So, this which began as part of my final project at uni has now become my permanent home!
For this first post back I would like to share what I’ve been looking at lately (which you can actually follow at my Pinterest board: See the board).
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.36.10

Painting the furniture white 2

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to redecorate my bedroom and paint the furniture white. So, if you’re thinking about changing your color scheme but without buying all new furniture, this might be the perfect solution for you. However, it is important to point out that if you are thinking of painting your furniture, you will need space and patience, because it is hard work and time consuming, but, that being said, it is rewarding and you have the control to make it exactly as you want it. Now, without further ado, here’s my table:


There it is being used, and, as you can see, for a first attempt it looks pretty good. I used Dulux White Satin paint, and it really did open up the room because it’s the same colour as the walls.

After I painted the table, I couldn’t simply leave the chair beech and blue, so, starting project number two, I painted that too:


I used a brush to paint both the table and the chair, because I like the brush marks as it gives it a more rustic feeling, however, I you want a more professional and smooth finish you must use a roller and sand it extremely well before hand, but this will all be covered on my DIY tips and tricks bellow.

DIY Tips and Tricks:

1 – Sand your table! If you look on the right hand side of the pictures, on the corner of the table you will see a small chip. When I was moving another chair around the table while the white chair dried up, I scrapped the chair on the table and to my surprise and horror, it scratched!! This is because the paint hadn’t really settled on it since I didn’t prepare the wood, as I didn’t sand it well or use a primer. If you want your hard work to last, prepare the wood: sand it well.

2 – Prime it the wood! This was my mistake. When painting wooden furniture, you must always sand it, primer it then sand it again. This will prepare the wood and ensure your hard work lasts,

3 – Use the right tools! Depending on the finish you want, you need to use different tools, as I explained, I wanted the brush marks on my table so I had to use consistent strokes along the wood to get the effect I wanted, but if your goal is a modern, smooth white, use a roller.

4 – Leave yourself plenty of time! This is specially true when dealing with white furniture. The table alone took 8 coats to look nice. It’s important when painting to do thin layers to get a better result and let each coat dry before applying the next one on.

5 – Seal the deal! After all the hard work put into painting the furniture, you really won’t want it to get ruined you need to seal it, and make sure if it’s white furniture, like mine, it will be a finishing wax that doesn’t yellow over time.

So recapping, when painting furniture, sand it, prime it, sand it again, paint it, seal it. I have a book shelf to do next, so, I’ll post that once it’s done!

If you’ve recently painted any furniture and have any tips of your own, like the best ways to achieve a flawless finish, please let me know, and even send a picture to me I would love to show case it here!


Painting the furniture white!

A while back, I said here that I wanted to paint my bedroom furniture white but without experience or time ( it was the end of the year holiday season) I just kept pushing it off..
Well, I’m finally doing it!!! The chair bellow only has it’s first coat on, so it will look better I promise.
I will share everything soon including the do’s and don’ts I have learnt along the way.



Valentine’s day decor

Happy Valentine's Day...

My decor blog is on Valentine’s mode! Unfortunately I couldn’t get rid of this green color it has, but at least we can have some red, lovely decorations to compensate, here’s the cutest ones I’ve found around the web:

romantic-table-decor-variants-for-the-best-valentines-day-28 search url

Reading Spaces

Looking for houses can be really stressful, so I’ve started already! And of course I need to start looking at my reading corner! The most important part of the house! (After the bedroom and kitchen of course).

So, here are my favourite reading spaces so far, plucked straight from my Pinterest :

Boston Design Guide on Flickr

Have you got a favourite reading space you love to just settle down into? Send it to me! I will be doing showcasing my favourites later in the year!

Real Homes – Interview with Ashley White

In today’s Real Homes, I’ve caught up Ashley White, Decorology’s creator, web designer and hobbyist decorator.

She has told me a bit about her style and her favourite piece at home!

Pictures from Prairieharmony and Designshuffle

1 – How did you become a decorator?

I am actually not a decorator by trade, but a web designer.  I started my blog while searching for inspiration for my small NYC apartment.

2 – How would you describe your style?

Transitional and eclectic.

3- What is your paint palette?

I like cool colours – both pastel and bold.

4 – What are you loving at the moment?

Golds and grays!

Picture from Elle Decor
Picture from Elle Decor

5 – When decorating the house, what is the biggest ‘don’t’ you have learnt in the process?

Don’t buy big ticket items without an overall vision for the room you’ll put it in.

6 – What tips do you have to keep things running smoothly?

For big items, stick to classic and timeless ( and neutrals if applicable).  If you want to try out a new trend, explore it via accessories like pillows and small decor items.

7 – With Christmas coming up, space always seems short, what are your tips for keeping your house organised throughout the holiday chaos?

Keep your attic clean and organised – you’ll be more likely to utilise it!  I recently cleaned out my attic and designated bins for seasonal items.  I use it much more often now and it keeps my closets from overflowing.

8 – What is your favourite decor piece at home and why? (this can be as small as a cushion or as big as a room).

This small nook where I have some of my favorite photos, and trinkets from my travels displayed.


I want to give Ashley White a special thanks for this interview and tell you guys to check her out! Her blog is awesome 🙂

Also, let me know what you’re into right now! Leave a comment bellow!

Vanity tables

English: Illustration of a dressing table.
English: Illustration of a dressing table. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time to start the Christmas shopping and the wishlists! So I’ve decided to add mine: vanity tables!

Vanity tables are a must have accessory in every girls room and having said that I still didn’t have one! My make up table was on top of my chest of drawers so I decided one was needed. Looking around for them, I found a mixture of shabby functional ones and compact suitable ones. But my choice today will show you my wish list in the world of vanity tables, the ones that combine with most success style, beauty and functionality. Some prices are sour, but that’s the price to pay for luxury right?

Rossetto Nightfly Dressing Table

Rossetto Nightfly Dresser
Rossetto Nightfly Dresser

Ok I will start with the top of the list. This is my favourite find so far. It’s also one of the most expensinve ones from the vanities list. It’s from home click and you can choose to have it in a white or dark mirror shine finish.

It is elegant and big enough for everything. With a closing top you can cleverly hide any mess you’d like away! And the top comes with a big mirror and a smaller magnifying one, combine that with a lamp to spark on your gorgeous dressing table and clever hidden compartments to keep all your things in one place and voila! You have the perfect modern dressing table.

Antique Silver Venetian Aged Mirrored Glass Dressing Table Mirror and Stool Set

Venetian Mirrored Dresser
Venetian Mirrored Dresser

No matter how difficult they are to clean, I have always been a sucker for mirror dressing tables. They are timelessly elegant and a great add to any bedroom regardless of the furniture. My chosen one today is from Four Walls Interior and it’s simply amazing. I absolutely loved it from the first time I saw it, and with mirror tables you have to see them in person to really appreciate how gorgeous they really are!  With prices starting at £724 it easily wins in the top two of my list.

Chateu French Style Bordoir Black Dressing Table, Mirror and Stool Set

Vintage Black Dresser
Vintage Black Dresser

If vintage is your thing, look no more! This absolutely gorgeous dressing table from Vintage Vibe is priced at only £310!! With it’s carved decorated legs and velvet stool all in matching black of course it’s the perfect accessory to any vintage girl’s bedroom. This is the perfect example that vintage is chic and functional.

Hideaway dressing table from Dwell

Dwell Hideaway Dresser
Dwell Hideaway Dresser

This is a compact edition from Dwell. It comes in a gorgeous mirror shine white, wood or mirror shine grey. It is perfect for compact spaces because it is smaller than my other choice but it still has space for all the essentials. It also closes completely including the chair to make it virtually fit in any corner you like. The price is also a much happier one it starts at around £599.

Starbay Marie Galante Make Up Trunk (Rosewood)

Starbay Make-up Trunk

For all the titanic fans out there, I could not leave out Maria Galante’s make up trunk! With 2 Curved doors, each with 3 drawers, 1 central drawer, 2 secret compartments and flip top fold away triptych mirror it has more than enough space for your bits and bobs but also shuts completely making it (somewhat) easier to move to wherever you like and fit wherever you like. Now the price of course reflects ship vintage extravagance at £1950 it really is for those who just absolutely love this piece.

Have you found your perfect dressing table? If so, send me a picture I’d love to see it! Since I love the Nightfly Dresser so much but can’t afford it my partner is actually building me one for xmas! I shall post the steps up as soon as it’s done! 🙂