A Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 Review

Hi you guys!

Today’s post as promised is a full review of the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. I first heard of it through a YouTuber called Camila (watch the video here) and since then I have seen so many reviews that I was curious to see if it actually lived up to the hype!

The Promise:

MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 transforms the complexion wonderfully whilst intensely nourishing and caring for the skin. Lightweight and luxurious, M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 offers full coverage whilst uniquely hydrating and treating the skin. With soothing and rejuvenating properties, this revolutionary skin care essential prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, whilst simultaneously reducing the impact of dark circles. Read the full description here.

The reality:

On first impressions, this has a certain fragrance to it, it’s nice but be aware that it is there and it’s kinda strong too. Secondly, the shade range for this is ok if you have light to medium skin. If you have dark skin they do not have any shades that match you. I own it in a shade 27 Honey Beige which is the penultimate shade on the range and it matches my skin enough now but I’d have to go onto the darkest shade in the summer. Now, let’s go through the main claims.

Transforms the complexion whilst intensely nourishing the skin – I must be honest I did not see it ‘transforming’ my complexion! It is hydrating but I would not forgo your moisturiser specially if you have dry skin.

Lightweight and luxurious but giving you full coverage – This is where this BB Cream wins me over the others. It gives you the medium coverage that you’d expect from a foundation while feeling light weight. A bonus with this one is that it doesn’t leave your face too shiny (light the Garnier) so it looks nice and semi dewy without overdoing it.

Reducing the impact of dark circles – It does this as much as any foundation would but it does not replace your concealer – although for my deep set bags nothing does.

Missha B.B. Cream just off the tube
Missha B.B. Bream in shade 27
Missha B.B. Cream slightly blended
Missha B.B. Cream in shade 27
Missha B.B. Cream fully blended.


I really like this one. I don’t love it, perhaps because of all the expectations before I actually got the product, but it does feel more hydrating to my skin than my typical foundation and it does not leave it overly shiny. The price is not bad, it mostly sets (which as you know is really what I look for) and the strong SPF makes it a plus.

In fact this B.B. has permanently replaced my everyday L’oreal True Match foundation as my everyday work base. Overall? I’d definitely buy it again.

Rating: 4/5

Here’s a look I did for work on Friday:


That’s if for me! Let me know if you’ve tried this one by leaving a comment below and see you next time!

Nat x


Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick Review

Hi you guys!

I’m late I know…. But I have a good excuse, I’ve been so ill in the past few days that trust me you did not want to see this face! Today’s post is a review of the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick.

The promise:

The website says: The ultimate nude foundation—Bobbi’s iconic Foundation Stick gets an update with a unique transparent base plus skin tone correct pigments for an incredibly natural look. Its creamy yet weightless texture applies effortlessly and blends seamlessly so all you see is fresh, smooth, even skin.

Why is it different?

Again the website says this is an innovative blend of emollients—like olive extracts and shea butter—help to moisturise skin (and lock it in), so skin stays looking soft and smooth all day.

Does it live up to the hype?

I own this in a shade 4 ‘Natural’ and I actually love this foundation (you can see it’s nearly finished). It is always always in my make up bag, not only because it fits in any bag but also because it matches my skin so beautifully (they have 24 shades) so it’s really great for those of us with olive skin tones.

Even better, it does any look I want, if I want natural all I need to do is use less of it and if I want more coverage I just put on more!

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation Shade 4
Unblended foundation in shade 4 ‘Natural’

There is one con to this, I do tend to wear it more towards the winter because it does feel a little rich on the skin so I don’t tend to wear it on those hotter days in the summer, (although if you’re not as lazy as me you could just set it with powder).

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation Shade 4

As a side note, it is getting chilly so I’m back on the hunt for a hydrating BB cream that actually has decent coverage and is not overly shiny (my only complaint to the Garnier B.B. Cream). I have heard so so much about the Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream that I’ve bought it! I’m trying it on this week and will review it over the weekend!

That’s me for now and as always here’s a look using this foundation! Click like if you’re enjoyed this post and  hopefully see you Sunday!!


Nat x

Kiko Fall Collection

Hi you guys!

It is officially autumn my favourite make up season!!!

Talking of which, I went shopping earlier today and completely fell in love with Kiko’s new Rebel Romantic collection, it’s their fall/autumn collection with lots of beautiful mauves and purples. As you can tell I have a weakness for those colours and Kiko got it nicely right with their shades.

I’m really liking them at the moment they’ve got good quality products with some great prices and this collection just conveys all my favourite colours, so what’s not to like?! I’ve done a review video so please see it below!


Let me know what you think and you’re favourite products from Kiko I can’t wait to get some more of the good stuff!

Finished Look

Love, Nat x

Edit: I’m taking my rating for their lipstick down to a 2.5/5 because although they have a great colour they really don’t last as much as they ought to.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review

Hi you guys!

It has been a while so I thought I’d give you a run down on what’s happened since I last posted… I finished my last module and a new module was released literally a week after and we were given a week to hand in the outline for the next one…


No comment.

Of course I struggled… Got an extension.. then finally did it.


By then it was my birthday! I got a new (and unforgiving) camera so I can do some nice videos (soon). Then it was my sisters birthday, then my boyfriend’s birthday, so in a few weeks we had a pretty full schedule with it being event season and all at work.

Pheww now that that’s over and we’re all caught up, today’s post is a review of the Maybelline BB cream I picked it up recently at Superdrug.


I had read a few reviews before I bought it which said it was a bit too much on the sheer side but I decided to try it anyway, because I have normal/combination skin and I don’t really have any redness or acne scars to cover so I thought why not!


1. SPF 30
2. Helps blur imperfections
3. Creates a natural glow
4. Skin looks visibly smoother
5. Compliments skin-tone
6. Hydrates all day
7. Feels fresh
8. Oil free


I have to say they were right about the sheerness of it… But I kinda like it…

It is definitely a bb cream that is verging on a tinted moisturiser, I got mine in a Light/Medium shade which right now is a bit light for me (as I still have a bit of my summer colour on) but in the winter it’ll be just right.

I haven’t put it on my face this time because I’m doing this review at a silly hour just because I really wanted to get this post out as I’ve been wanting to do it for a while. But you can see on my hand that my veins still show through so if it’s more coverage you’re after this is not the one!

Buuut it promises a ‘fresh face glow’ and that it does give you.

Overall? Not bad. Good price and sheer ‘glow’ coverage.

Rating; 3/5


My Lovely Oxford Trip

Hi you guys! Today’s post is a bit of a short one on my recent visit to Oxford – my boyfriend has family there so we went up and took the opportunity to get to know the town a bit better. 

My first Oxford experience did not disappoint, from beautiful architecture to great food if had it all. 

Our trip took us through a beautiful round mini park in a cull-de-sac and out onto a few beautiful buildings where we of course came across a couple of these bikes with people also riding them into town it was like being in a rom com and finished in a beautiful market with great food and when acquisition of my second Jane Austin book – Mainsfield Park. Oh and the stool was manned by the cutest dog too! Bonus!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think! 


Nat x


Maybelline One by One Volume Express versus Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Curling Mascara

Hi you guys!

Today’s overdue post is a review on the Maybelline One by One Volume Express  mascara which I picked up at TKMaxx this weekend. I’ve been on the search for something to replace my current favourite and found the One by One Volume Express in one of these searches. The box promises big volume, lash by lash with no clumps which lasts all day long.

Well, my first thought was – is it washable? Yes great! But it’s not waterproof. But for £3.99 why not I don’t rub my eyes anyway so if it’s non smudging as it promises it could work.

However before I dive into this I just wanna say sorry I’ve gone AWOL these days guys! Things have been manic in the NZ household – from misbehaving kittens to strangely timed deadlines by the time Friday came I felt as I’d zombied through the month!

But never mind that, the reason I’m so excited for trying this mascara is because it seems to cover my quite specific list of requirements which so far has been covered by go-to Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Curling Mascara. Which brings me to the extensive list I’ve been talking about. For me the perfect mascara has to be:

– Waterproof (My eyes water a little so that’s non-negotiable requirement)

– Washable (It needs to be removable with hot water/soap, no panda eyes please!)

– Curling (I don’t like nor own eyelash curlers and if the tops don’t curl it hits the lenses of my glasses)

– Double Volume (If a mascara doesn’t turn up the volume what’s the point?)

– Lasts all day (I don’t touch up my make-up so whatever I wear has to last)

– Doesn’t drop little crumples on your face! (There is nothing that annoys me more than seeing little black blotches on my glasses)

– Accessible in price and location – the only criteria which my current fave fails in. It costs £22 and I can’t get it we’re currently living.

Will this mascara live the part?

Maybelline One by One Volume Express  mascara
Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Curling Mascara
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Curling Mascara

The Maybelline One by One mascara gave me great volume as it said on the bottle and it did last all day. However, it slightly irritated my eyes specially in the morning and it did smudge a little. But I would let it all go if it just washed off as it promised not leaving me with my hated panda eyes, but it didn’t :(. There were two black marks under my eyes even after I washed my face twice.


The Mayballine mascara did not live up to expectations on the perks it promised to do, however it did give me good volume, it was considerably cheaper and it did remove completely with eye make up remover.

Update: Thought I’d give it another try today. It also has a strong smell that I forgot to tell you about here so this is staying as the back-up of the back-up and I’m sticking to my 2.5 rating.

Rating: 2.5/5

Not good but not the most terrible either.


Finding a New Summer All-in-One Powder Foundation

Hi you guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, things have been a bit crazy in the N&Z residence! But never mind that… Summer is finally here in London and as such I’ve been in search of the best powder which could give me just a natural glow or should I choose so give me complete coverage. After some research I decided the best bets would be between the Chanel Les Beiges and the Mac Studio Plus Foundation.

So, although hefty in price at £39 given all the advertising around Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy glow I thought I’d give it a go. I was expecting great things! Aaaand how disappointed I was when my skin looked exactly the same when it was applied on me aside from giving me a bit of colour on my cheeks only. All my imperfections were still there 😦 it was just too thin. But worst of all, I’m not sure if it was her brush or the powder but it gave a slight allergic reaction.

Not wanting to give up I went to Mac, after all they were my favourites for a long time (replaced only by Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick) aaand hey presto, in 30 seconds with only the powder I got enough coverage and it looks natural enough that I could dust it around without concealer and go out which is exactly what I did on Sunday!

Coverage with the Mac Powder plus Foundation in NC40
Coverage with the Mac Powder plus Foundation in NC40
I have found my new summer favourite! No more choosing between coverage and having a shiny face on those extra hot days! Oh and at £22 it comes at a pretty great price too! 😉

New summer all in one favourite - Mac NC40
New summer all in one favourite – Mac NC40
Am I being too harsh on Chanel in what they’re trying to do – or have you been as disappointed as I was? Also just as a side note on this I will do a complete review of the Powder plus Foundation but for now I just thought I’d put down how much I’m loving it!

Nat x

Exciting News and Searching For The Perfect Eyeliner


I hope your weekend is going well! I have two pretty exciting news to share today, the first one is that my friend Bonita Khan is joining All Things Personal! Bonita is a food journalist and she’s gonna be doing the Food and Lifestyle sections with me which I’m super excited about!! We’ve always worked really well together so I’m really looking forward to this!

The second thing is that I have finally decided to give videos a try – I know I’ve been putting it off forever but that’s because editing has turned out to be a pretty intense job…

This was filmed before I pledged to not buy beauty products for a month (which I’m still doing), as you can tell by the hair 😛 !

I had been looking for a good eyeliner that would stay on all day and I finally found it in the Maybelline Master Precise Pen Eyeliner and the Gosh Ultimate Eyeliner (for those who prefer pencils), and since I did try a few along the way, I thought what better way to kick off the videos on the site!

As I say this is the first video and the editing will (hopefully) get much better :p – but without further ado please watch it below and hopefully enjoy 🙂 !

Nat x

Embracing Polka Dots Nails!

I have noticed a suspicious amount of polka dots all over the internet signalling summer is finally here yay! But the latest craze seems to be coming in a wave of polka dotted nails! After some research I found out there is a polka dot tool to make them perfectly on your nail, (which can be bought for 99p on Ebay).  

However since I have pledged to join RavishingRoses in not spending any money on beauty products for the whole month on June (I know right 99p dammit!) I have found a way to do it with toothpicks – woohoo free! 

When I first tried the polka dots were too small so breaking it in half produced unequal halves, so how you ask? Well…. you probably shouldn’t do what I did, which is use my boyfriend’s saw (we’re redecorating remember?) to cut it in two perfect round halves.
But in the interest of this blog if you just cut the tip of the toothpick and stub it on the table to make it round but flat it works too 😀 I realise this may not look perfect but it was all free so overall I’m pretty proud… But definitely still buying those polka dot tools next month!!  Oh and let me know do you DIY at home when you can’t spend the cash to buy the tools you need? I’m suffering here after forfeiting shopping for make-up!

Summer highlights

Guys I like to think I’m a lady of my word. As such – I asked which colour suited me best here and on Twitter and summer highlights won sooo I went and got my highlights done today! 

I’m super excited to reveal it now I’m still getting used to it but couldn’t wait to share it let me know what you think!

 Nat xx