Finding a New Summer All-in-One Powder Foundation

Hi you guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, things have been a bit crazy in the N&Z residence! But never mind that… Summer is finally here in London and as such I’ve been in search of the best powder which could give me just a natural glow or should I choose so give me complete coverage. After some research I decided the best bets would be between the Chanel Les Beiges and the Mac Studio Plus Foundation.

So, although hefty in price at £39 given all the advertising around Chanel’s Les Beiges Healthy glow I thought I’d give it a go. I was expecting great things! Aaaand how disappointed I was when my skin looked exactly the same when it was applied on me aside from giving me a bit of colour on my cheeks only. All my imperfections were still there 😦 it was just too thin. But worst of all, I’m not sure if it was her brush or the powder but it gave a slight allergic reaction.

Not wanting to give up I went to Mac, after all they were my favourites for a long time (replaced only by Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick) aaand hey presto, in 30 seconds with only the powder I got enough coverage and it looks natural enough that I could dust it around without concealer and go out which is exactly what I did on Sunday!

Coverage with the Mac Powder plus Foundation in NC40
Coverage with the Mac Powder plus Foundation in NC40
I have found my new summer favourite! No more choosing between coverage and having a shiny face on those extra hot days! Oh and at £22 it comes at a pretty great price too! 😉

New summer all in one favourite - Mac NC40
New summer all in one favourite – Mac NC40
Am I being too harsh on Chanel in what they’re trying to do – or have you been as disappointed as I was? Also just as a side note on this I will do a complete review of the Powder plus Foundation but for now I just thought I’d put down how much I’m loving it!

Nat x