Embracing Polka Dots Nails!

I have noticed a suspicious amount of polka dots all over the internet signalling summer is finally here yay! But the latest craze seems to be coming in a wave of polka dotted nails! After some research I found out there is a polka dot tool to make them perfectly on your nail, (which can be bought for 99p on Ebay).  

However since I have pledged to join RavishingRoses in not spending any money on beauty products for the whole month on June (I know right 99p dammit!) I have found a way to do it with toothpicks – woohoo free! 

When I first tried the polka dots were too small so breaking it in half produced unequal halves, so how you ask? Well…. you probably shouldn’t do what I did, which is use my boyfriend’s saw (we’re redecorating remember?) to cut it in two perfect round halves.
But in the interest of this blog if you just cut the tip of the toothpick and stub it on the table to make it round but flat it works too 😀 I realise this may not look perfect but it was all free so overall I’m pretty proud… But definitely still buying those polka dot tools next month!!  Oh and let me know do you DIY at home when you can’t spend the cash to buy the tools you need? I’m suffering here after forfeiting shopping for make-up!

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